Stone type prefix: Q

Geological Outline

Quartzites are sedimentary rocks which have been metamorphosed to form hard and immensely strong plates of rock. The constituent elements of silica and quartz are fused under tectonic pressure.

Traditional Uses

Quartzites make superb pavement surfaces for all public and domestic areas. Because of their unique hardness and enormous tensile strength quartzites can be used in thinner sections than is usual for other stones, even when subject to heavy traffic loading. Their high natural slip resistance means that they are often specified for wet areas and in laboratories, hospitals, etc.

Stone Type Code Stone Colour Available Finishes
QLOR.PQuartzitePinkDS, RA, RS, F
QLOR.SWQuartziteWhite/SaffronDS, RA, RS, F
QS1308CQuartzitePewterF, H
QS1308AQuartziteGreenF, H
QS09106KNFQuartziteBlackF, H, RA, RS
QS1308BQuartziteAppleDS, H, P
QP013QuartziteLichenRA, RS


Interior, exterior paving, cladding for steps, plinths etc.

Finishes Codes
DSDiamond SawnFFlamedFPFine pickedRARiven, all faces
SBSandblastedFFFair pickedRSRiven and sawn edgesAAxed

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