Stone type prefix: SP

Geological Outline

Pennant sandstones have a particularly close grained nature and are very hard to quarry and work. They are sedimentary and bedded but also often have coal and flint-churt inclusions. There are uplifted benches of Pennant in South Wales (blue) and south of Bristol (red).

Traditional Uses

Blue and red Pennant was used for paving, kerbs and setts in great quantities in Wales and the Bath and Bristol areas of England. Often, the stone was shipped in both directions across the Bristol Channel, serving as ballast as well as a usable commodity. There is revived interest in this palette for conservation schemes and Palladio supply hard sandstones that are excellent matches to the old Pennant resources.

Stone Type Code Stone Colour Available Finishes
SP1901ClevedonRed-MauveDS, F, H, T, RS
SP1902TallentBlueDS, F, H, T, RS
SP1903LlanteryBlue-GreyDS, F, H, T, RS


Paving stones, Walling, Ashlar, Setts, Kerbs.

Finishes Codes
DSDiamond SawnFFlamedFPFine pickedRARiven, all faces
SBSandblastedFFFair pickedRSRiven and sawn edgesAAxed

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