Stone type prefix: L

Geological Outline

Limestone is a sedimentary stone formed very largely from the calcified debris of river silts and the exo-skeletons of molluscs and marine life. The material is therefore a compressed calcium carbonate (CaCO3). There are several classifications of limestones (oolitic, volomitic, etc) and some bear attractive visual fossil remains when cut and finished.

Traditional Uses

Limestones have always been associated with prestige architectural work; interior flooring, masonry, features and exterior cladding. For public realm work within the UK care should be taken when specifying. Generally, they tend to polish under foot-traffic and may become hazardous.

Stone Type Code Stone Colour Available Finishes
LCHHard LimestoneWhite/CreamDS, H, P
LVCIHard LimestoneBlue/GreyDS, H, P
LVHTTHard LimestoneBlackDS, H, P
LV170Hard LimestoneBeigeDS, H, P
LV1701Hard LimestoneBrownDS, H, P
LV1702Hard LimestoneTanDS, H, P


Interior paving, cladding, features, domestic steps etc.

Finishes Codes
DSDiamond SawnFFlamedFPFine pickedRARiven, all faces
SBSandblastedFFFair pickedRSRiven and sawn edgesAAxed

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