Palladio Stone sources and supplies cut-to-size and worked natural stone products for urban landscape and building projects throughout the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland.

We use our experience and research to provide the most appropriate resources for any particular scheme.

We present this short explanation of these criteria which inform our approach to those aspects of business which supersede the simple concept of ' Supply and Demand ' and which will allow our present and prospective customers to consider whether our values coincide with their own and those to whom they may be responsible.



    Much of the Natural Stone which we supply comes from European quarries and their associated works; with many of these we hold the sole sales rights. In all cases we have made every effort to ensure that the relevant E.U. Directives on Health and Safety, Working Conditions, Social & Welfare legislation etc.


    We do not sell worked materials from India as we are not satisfied that child labour and safe working practices can be guaranteed.


    Because we have had to be certain that Child Labour is NOT used and that the quality, sustainability etc., meet our other expectations, we retain our own Quarry-Master in Northern China. There are of course, other wider concerns about the Peoples Republic of China which exercise the conscience of most of the free world. Whilst we may trade profitably and successfully with the P.R.C. and our customers can receive the benefits of competitively priced materials should we not try to make some difference ?…

    Though I am different from you,
    We were born involved in one another;
    Nor by any means can we escape
    The intimate sharing of good and ill.
    T‘ao Ch‘ien (AD 365-427) (Trans. Arthur Waley)

      1. Palladio sources stone from quarries with identifiable and audited reserves. Usually our supply quarries have at least 100 years of winnable large block material without any requirement for licence extensions or overburden remantling.
      2. The quarries (with the exception of one Slate quarry and one Basalt quarry) have a policy of salvage of small stone for sale and use locally.
      3. The management and ownership of our suppliers lies with trained and responsible people who are committed to employing local skilled and semi-skilled workers. The indigenous communities receive direct benefit and regular employment.
      1. Palladio has a policy of sourcing materials as close to the point of use as practical within the parameters of sustainability, cost etc., which are imposed by any particular project and customers' requirements. Wherever possible we move goods by sea in bulk movement.
      2. We encourage our quarry sources to sort and recycle waste material into local markets for use in road mending, gradient consolidation, rubble walling etc.
      3. All of our European sources now comply with the relevant E.U. directives on waste management and on water course salvation and protection.
      1. Our European quarry sources are governed by the current National and E.U. directives on Working Conditions, Hours of Work, Holidays etc.
      2. Health and Safety issues are less clear cut in certain countries. Palladio actively encourages good practice wherever we wield influence and has already abandoned 2 suppliers where we felt the labour force was working in unsafe conditions.
    4. CHILD LABOUR  We have mentioned our reservations about India in the first section of this paper. Palladio will not knowingly deal with any quarry or secondary source where under-age labour is used, or where youth is denied education as a consequence of exploitation in the local labour market. This issue is becoming more important and visible amongst those responsible for specifying and purchasing Natural Stone materials: it will, we hope, continue to grow in importance.

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